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Markets around the world - Distillery Christmas Market (Toronto)

Another market post!  No I won't be writing exclusively about the different markets I've visited around the world.  Every once in a while I'll write about one, but I happened to visit the Christmas market in the distillery district the other day, hence why I'm writing about another market experience so soon.

I've had the pleasure of visiting my fair share of markets in Europe, but never over the holiday season (as I've always been in Europe during the summer months).  It's always something that I've wanted to do though, as there is no better place to visit during the holidays than a Christmas market in Europe.  If you believe in the romance of the holidays, then there is no place more romantic than a Christmas market in Europe.  Walk through any one of the thousands of Christmas markets in Europe and you'll feel as if you're walking through a fairy tale.

There are stalls selling delicious holiday treats, stations giving out warm drinks (sometimes with a touch of alcohol), carolers singing in the background and much much more.  Basically, it feels as if these markets have taken all of your best memories of Christmas and put them all into one place.  Who knows when this will happen, but I'm willing to bet that one day I'm going to find myself backpacking Europe during the holidays and jumping from Christmas market to Christmas market while I'm there.

Luckily, until then I have Toronto's Christmas market in the distillery.  I'll probably talk more about my love of the Distillery district some other time, but for now I'll just write about how much I love that Toronto has taken a page out of "Europe's" Christmas book and brought a European style Christmas market to the distillery district.

I've visited the market regularly over the past few years and as long as the market comes to Toronto every holiday season, then I'll continue to go there every year. The organizers have done such an amazing job here, that walking through the market truly makes you feel as if you're walking through a Christmas market in Europe.

Walk through the Christmas market in the distillery and you'll have the chance to fill up on some schnitzel or poutine (there needs to be at least a bit of Canadian flavour), down your meal with some warm cider and then maybe grab a bite of fudge or or roasted nuts to satisfy your sweet tooth.  That's not even mentioning all the little stalls and shops that are selling holiday ornaments and gifts.  And for those of you who want to wind down after a long week, you can go and have some free drinks before heading to of the pubs/restaurants with your friends to continue the evening.

Overall, the Christmas market is always one of my favourite things to do in Toronto.  The market is almost over for this year, but once the market closes, the countdown for 2015 will be on!


Christmas market in the Distillery district 

Christmas market in the Distillery district 

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