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Train Travel in Romania: 5 Things to Know - G Adventures

One of the great things about travelling across Europe is that there are a million different ways to get around. Buses, trains and flights are available in nearly every major city and with the advent of low-cost carriers and rail passes, it has never been easier to travel around the continent. That being said, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of hopping on board a train to get to your next destination. Riding the rails allows you to see a country, meet new people and have an experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.
— Stephan Popescu

Taking the train has always been my favourite form of travel for a variety of reasons.  You get to see a lot of the countryside that you wouldn't otherwise see, it's often the most convenient form of travel as most train stations are found in city centres and you get to meet and interact with a lot of different people that you would otherwise never come across.

I've had the opportunity to take a lot of different trains in my day, especially around Europe, where I've taken trains across countries and through international borders as well.  One such country was Romania, which I also wrote about for our G Adventures blog today. 

The article focuses on some of the top tips for travelling by train across Romania but a lot of the tips can definitely be extended to other countries across Europe and the rest of the world.  If your trips ever include travelling by train then this article should be right up your alley!

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