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Street Food around the World

I've probably already said it a million times, but for me, part of visiting a country and immersing myself in its culture is eating the local cuisine when I'm there.  Not only is it a great way of experiencing the country that you're visiting, the food is often delicious, making your trip that much more memorable.

I've probably also said an equal amount of times that my favourite place to try local food is at local markets.  There will usually be tons of different restaurants and eateries around where you can have a tasty meal, but sometimes even the "local" dishes feel as if they've been changed just a little bit for tourists and travellers alike.  Luckily, local markets offer no such issues.  The street vendors there are cooking local delicacies for the local community and not for travellers like you or I.  When you go to a street stall and pick something up to eat, you know you're getting something that locals eat every single day.

I've had a lot of amazing meals while travelling over the years, but if I think of some of my most memorable ones, they are often times when I've picked something up from a local vendor on the streets or at a local market in the city I'm visiting.  From fresh baguettes, cheese and butter in Paris to spicy noodles in Xian, local street food has played a big part in my travels.

That's why I was so excited to get home today and find a special present waiting for me in the mail.  One of the benefits of dating someone who also enjoys travelling (apart from being able to travel together!) is getting gifts like the one below.  the Street Food around the World Encyclopedia is a comprehensive look at countries around the world and what some of their most famous street foods are.  Not only is this book great to find out what you should be looking out for when visiting a country, it's a great way to understand why these foods are so popular in their respective countries and how big of a role they play in a country's culture.

I'm looking forward to reading this book regularly and in conjunction with my past experiences involving street food, being able to write some fun and interesting blog posts in the future.

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