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When in Chicago

I don't often travel to places that are pretty close to home.  Whether it's because they're so close and I'll have my whole life to get there easily or I'm just not that interested in visiting those places is something I'm not entirely sure of.  However I do know that I have always wanted to go to Chicago.  

I've been to New York a few times (and loved it) and for some reason Chicago always seemed like the next place to visit on a 3-4 day trip.  Of course it did help that Chicago is known for food and architecture (two of my favourite things).  I finally made it down to Chicago last week (yes I went in the cold and it actually had a lot of benefits) and no it will definitely not be my last time visiting.  I have a few thoughts and ideas of things I want to write about (I'll definitely be writing about the food very soon), but for now here are some of the pictures that I took while down there.  I may also end up posting more photos revolving around food and architecture/art specifically, and this gallery is just a collection of some of my favourite shots from Chicago.



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