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Local Brews the Czech Way

One of the most fascinating parts of backpacking Europe is getting to experience all of the different cultures across the continent. And part of experiencing a country’s culture is to try out the local cuisine. For anyone who’s spent time travelling across Europe, ask them about the different kinds of local cuisine, and odds are you’ll end up learning at least a bit about different kinds of beer to be found.
— Stephan Popescu

It's been an extremely hectic couple of weeks and I haven't had the chance to just sit and write about any one of the millions of topics/ideas/thoughts going through my head.  That should be changing as I find a bit more free time in the near future, but I did actually have another G Adventures blog post come out the other day.

One of the really cool things about backpacking through Europe was getting to try all of the different styles beers that each country was home to and how all the beers were really a symbol of each country's people, culture, history, etc...

One of the best places for beer was (and is) none other than the Czech Republic.  It's an extremely underrated country in many ways, but especially when it comes to the beer scene.  In fact a lot of the most popular styles of beers around the world originated from the Czechs themselves.

Happy drinking!

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