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Turkey through the eyes of my Instagram

 When I first started travelling, I often used my time away to shut myself off from the real world. For me, having the chance to get away from "everything" and just enjoy exploring the world has always been one the reasons I've always felt freedom while travelling.

That belief still exists today, but over time I've slowly started posting a lot more while travelling. I usually just post and get offline as quickly as possible, but I've found that I really enjoy posting regular photos/mini-updates while I'm gone. It allows my friends & family to get a glimpse into what I've been doing/seeing and it allows me to tell a story of where I'm visiting that is much more meaningful than just telling people where I went and what I saw.

Travelling through Turkey has yielded my best collection of photos/stories, which is of course in part due to Turkey being an absolutely amazing place to visit. I've already uploaded a lot of my photos at home and started playing around with them and I'm looking forward to sharing them/writing more about my time in Turkey. In the meantime though, here is a collection of my posts/pictures in Turkey!