A place for me to share some of my travel photography and experiences as well as any other thoughts, ideas or events that catch my eye. 

Sharing our memories

Travelling is often a experience that leads to fun, adventure, personal growth and much more. Everybody travels for different reasons and as such as different experiences while travelling, but one thing that everybody comes back with after a trip is undoubtedly memories. Memories of the places we've visited, things we've seen, people we've met, dishes we've tried, etc. 

One of the benefits of living in today's technological age is the ability for us to share our memories, often with people all over the world. Where we used to have a photo album to hold these memories, we now have what seems like a million different ways to share our memories and experiences with others. 

When I first decided to start writing a blog, a big reason behind it was to be able to do just that. I've always enjoyed reading other people's stories and exploring a destination through their words just as much as sharing stories with a fellow traveller face to face. So far it's been a lot of fun being part of the "blogosphere" and sharing my stories with people all over the world. It's also been a very therapeutic and relaxing endeavour as I often use my writing time as a time to relax, reflect and look forward to what lies ahead.

As I've written and travelled more, I've also come to realize how much I enjoy sharing my photos and the stories behind them. I've started posting more on Instagram, with mini-stories to go along with them and it's been a blast doing so. I've also found that it's been a great way to have friends, families & followers "tag along" with me on my adventures.

It's because of all of this that I've decided to try out creating my very own Facebook page as well. Sometimes it's hard to balance out posting on my blog, Instagram, etc, and I feel having a Facebook page to serve as a central location for all my posts/pictures is the way to go. I look forward to having fun with this new hobby of mine and I hope everyone enjoys the page as much as I'm sure I will!